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Privacy Policy



5th AVENUE ART DECO respects the privacy of all visitors to this website. Privacy protection of our users is a number one priority. We work hard to guarantee the confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the law. We guarantee that, as required by law, we will neither sell nor render the collected personal data accessible to third parties.

When accessing the 5th AVENUE ART DECO website you accept unconditionally the following terms of  PRIVACY POLICY without restrictions.


The summary statistics information related to the website, which enables the identification of users, is used by us only to improve quality of the customer experience and our processes.

The broad content of the Advice Center Service is widely available to all. It means that there is no need to register or give any personal data while leaving your comments. In some exceptional situations, (contests, queries, requests) there may occur the need to ask the visitor for such personal details as: name,  address, e-mail address and telephone number. The visitors’ personal data given in the process of registration is kept confidential and only used for statistical purposes. The personal data given at registration is stored and transformed by 5th AVENUE ART DECO accordingly to U.S.A. law requirements concerning the protection of personal data.

Visitors need to log in to the website in order to leave comments about specific products.


When a guest visits 5th AVENUE ART DECO web site, cookie files may be put in his/her computer, (if the visitors set the option of accepting these files) or they are read if the user has visited the website before. Cookie files are text files containing information for the proper function of the internet applications. These files are saved onto the user’s disc. The internet application will be faulty or will not work at all without this information.

The user can configure his/her internet browser so that cookie files are not saved. However, in some cases the agreement for saving these files will be required and indispensable for the full use of the website services.

Similarly to most businesses on the web, 5th AVENUE ART DECO collects information concerning the use of the services by visitors. This information is stored for strictly technical purposes as required by the administration server and in statistical summaries. This information can be available for legal entities and courts. The conduct procedure in such cases is stated by the law.

5th AVENUE ART DECO reserves the right to alter our information confidentiality policy at any time without informing the users. However, all changes will be in accordance to the obligatory laws.

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